Represent The Hometown Team

Today marks the second time we have done, "Weekly Release Wednesday". What started as a way to create content for our followers has now turned into a new release hitting the website, every other Wednesday.

This weeks release was inspired by my passion for the game of baseball. With the season now in full effect and fans packing into stadiums all around the country, I felt that it was only fitting to release our own twist on a baseball themed piece.

Last year we released the infamous Royals Capsule, where many of ya'll saw us posting Kansas City Royals players representing our brand. A couple months ago we released the Monarchs Collection, in honor of the Kansas City Monarchs returning back to KC, and that was also a hit. So this time I felt that it was right to not only to release another baseball themed release, but one that also tied in our brands love for the game.

Lone and behold, this weeks release is the NEW, BRAND ONE BASEBALL JERSEY!!!

Snag yours today & again, thank ya'll for reading this weeks blog.

Until Next Time, Peace Out!

-Brandon Martinkus

Founder of Brand One LLC

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