Where we are at Today - 7/14/19

As the pancakes flip and the warm summer sun beats down upon us, here we are nearly one year into brand1kc.com. Tomorrow marks our first annual Summer Blowout Sale, as we hit the one year clip in our brands existence!


As we continue to grow, some big changes are beginning to occur! Our first change is that on August 1st, Brand.One will be packing their bags and relocating our headquarters to the Plaza/Westport area. "Don't get too excited... as we will continue to remain solely as an online presence... for now. However, this will allow us the opportunity to create out of a larger space, in the heart of Kansas City!"


The next piece of exciting news is that we have added a new member to the Team! We are honored to announce that former owner of, "Litt State Co." has joined us as a creative specialist & vital piece to our sales team! "His expertise in many different aspects of operating a brand makes us extremely eager for what our future that entails."


Finally, our last piece of exciting news involves us stepping up the quality of our merchandise. As some have noticed, we have been fairly quiet with our apparel over the last few months. The reason is truly, that we have been perfecting our craft to make sure we have the best quality product, before going out to the public. With new custom hang/hem tags, our handcrafted apparel is NOW created to perfection!


Moving forward, we are currently in the process of forming our first photoshoot, along with the beginning stages of our fall collection, hats, and other exciting new things! Stay tune for whats next.



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