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Cutstomize your brochure's size, shape, and color 

  • High quality, full color printing
  • Choose between durable paper or cardstock
  • Customize based on your preferences
  • Available sizes: 5.5"x8.5" -  11"x25"
  • Pricing starts from $11.71 - Minimum: 25


Are you interested in ordering custom brochures? Send us a message today for your FREE quote. Simply, email us your design along with the style and quanitity of stickers you're looking for. From there our team will create a digital mock up and estimate for you!


Have questions? That's what we are here for!

Simply, send us a message & let our team bring to life your envision.

Custom Brochures

  • You need a fold that complements your brand and brochure design. Choose from our nine available brochure folding formats.

    2-Panel Folds / Bi-fold

    As its name indicates, this brochure contains two panels with enough space for lengthy text or large images.


    3-Panel Folds

    The trifold is folded twice to create three panels for a short, visual, and informative brochure. It is the most popular folding option.

    This commonly used brochure has six printed panels on both sides.

    Gate Fold
    The gatefold has two cover panels that open up to reveal a larger third panel.


    4-Panel Folds

    Accordion Fold
    This brochure fold forms a zigzag pattern.

    Double Gate Fold
    This fold is similar to the gate fold, with an extra fold in the center. It is also known as a closed gate fold.

    Double Parallel Fold
    This fold is folded equally in half then folded again in the same direction.

    French Fold
    The French fold is folded in half horizontally and then vertically folded in half to create the four equally sized panels.

    Roll Fold
    Roll fold is folded three times from right to left. Each panel is directed to fold toward the left.

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