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Non-medical masks like these free up the supply of the N95 masks used by the essential workers who need them most. Medical experts encourage everyone to cover their faces to reduce the spread of disease.


For EVERY mask sold, Brand One will donate a mask to an essential business of your choice!


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Custom Face Masks

SKU: 0090
Donate a Mask! - Pick 1
  • 1. Our masks are handcrafted locally in Kansas! As a former nurse, our local seamstress is handcrafting cloth masks for hospitals from Anchorage, Alaska to Kansas City.


    2. NO EAR STRAPS! Our custom masks contain two cloth straps that allow for each mask to be comfortably tied around your neck/head.

    - This eliminates the constant pulling on your ears!*

    - This also allows the mask to dangle around your neck, with the ability to pull it over your face when needed.


    3. In the mask itself, we have installed a pipe cleaner that runs down the middle of each mask. This allows the mask to fit & form to your facial structure.


    4. Each mask is created with two sheets of 100% ringspun cotton, with the ability to add a HEPA filter; if needed.

    -This allows others to stay protected from you, with the ability to easily breathe.

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Handcrafted in Kansas City