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"Brand One took really good care of our non-profit. He sat down with us & even came to an event we had, to really understand what the Kansas City Warriors are all about. Brand One took time out to talk with us and funneled that energy into our #hockeyheals mentality and culture.

Brand One, thank you from all the KC Warriors."

—  Adam Peacock, KC Warriors

Our Printing Process

STEP 1:  The first step to screen printing starts with the design. At Brand One, you have the option to send us your artwork or we can create your dream design based off your ideas. Once the design is completed, it is printed onto transparency film. This creates the first stencil.


STEP 2:  The next step is to prepare your screen. In order to prepare your screen, our printers will choose a screen with a high enough mesh count to hold your design. The more intricate the design, the higher the mesh count will be. Don't worry, our experts will take care of this for you. Once we have the screen, it is then coated with emulsion and left to dry in our dark room.


What is emulsion you ask? Emulsion is a thick liquid that reacts to light when hardened. Essentially, emulsion becomes "tougher" when exposed to light, making it more difficult to remove from surfaces. Hence why it's the perfect stencil.

STEP 3:  Once the emulsion is dried, the printer can place the design (transfer) onto the screen and expose it using UV lights. This process is known as the, "exposure" process. After being exposed, your design is now burned into the screen and this allows for the printer to now use that screen to print the garment. It's a confusing process, we understand... Luckily, we have this down to a science!

STEP 4:  After the screen is exposed to UV light, it is then washed out in our washout booth. Washing out the screen removes all of the areas that have been exposed to light, leaving only your design as a stencil. After being washed out, your screen is set to dry & is now ready to print.

STEP 5:  The next step is to print the garment. For this step, the screen with your design is placed into the press and locked in place. The garment is then slid onto a pallet and printer is ready to print. The screen is brought down on top of the garment and a squeegee containing fabric ink pushes the ink through the mesh of the screen, leaving only your design on the garment. Your custom apparel is now created!

STEP 6:  Once printed, the garments are heated to 320 Degrees for 15-20 seconds. This ensures that the ink is "cured" and won't crack or fade after being washed. After being cured, ALL garments are thoroughly inspected to make sure they meet our standard!

STEP 7:  The final step is to fold, tag and bag the garments. Once bagged, the items are boxed and shipped via your method of choice.

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