Frequently Asked Questions

 What distinguishes the difference between a Pre-Order & In-Stock?

A: A Pre-Order is an order that is available to purchase, prior to Brand One having ANY inventory of that item. In-Stock refers to when we have an inventory of a given item.

Why does my purchase take 7-10 Business Days to arrive? 

A: Because ALL of our products are handcrafted. Unlike most places, we do not hold a large inventory of items. Instead, our team processes each purchase, creates the product by hand, then directly ships it to the customer. This tends to take a little longer than just tossing a shirt into a box and putting it out for the mail man... 

What is the significance of the, "Black Flag" Icon?

A: The Black signifies our strength & seriousness, while the Flag represents unification. Together, the black flag is a representation that Brand One is a group of hard working individuals, with the mindset of doing whatever it takes to become a household name within the apparel industry. 

Why was Brand One created?

A: "Brand One was created because I was originally interested in learning the art of screen printing. I began making clothing for my own closet but started gaining the interest of my friends, so I thought to myself, why not just create a lifestyle brand that could offers all these pieces to them? That's when Brand One was born!" -Brandon Martinkus

What does Brand One mean?

A: "Brand One signifies that we are all ONE & that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Brand One is our voice." 
-Brandon Martinkus

What does Brand One revolve around?
A: The People, The Kansas City Aesthetic & Urban-Wear / Athletics.

What is Brand One's Mantra:
A: The People, Places & Apparel.