Meet Our Team!

Ever wondered who made things happen around here? Well, you've came to the right place!

My name is Brandon Martinkus & I started Brand One in the sketchy basement of my house, in college. (Sketchy is an understatement) What started as learning how to screen print and repurposing thrift store threads, slowly has turned into a team of us hustling to build an established clothing brand in Kansas City! 

Up next, meet Ethan! "E" came onto the team shortly after I graduated from college and has played a key role in designing for the brand ever since. Early on, Ethan was kind of our, "right hand guy" as he modeled for us, came up with business concepts, and obviously designed. Although he no longer lives in Kansas City, Ethan is still a key asset & the designer behind a lot of our current pieces!

Next, we have the one and only Kristina Murphy! Kristina serves as a key strategist for the brand and I honestly can't say that there are too many ideas or moves that occur without her input. Her positivity is second to none & certainly what any team needs, but don't get it twisted... She is also our "go to" when it comes to laying the law!

In the cleanup spot, we have our other Brandon! B came onto the team while we were still bleach washing thrift store threads and trying to find the identity for Brand One. Early on, B just wanted to offer help but we quickly realized his importance and brought him onboard. From modeling, attending pop up events, to even designing concepts, Brandon quickly became another "right hand man" for the brand, and in recent time has been leaned upon for his visual skills & creative mindset.

Last but certainly not least we have Nathan! Nate serves as the brains behind our brand.... No literally! He provides strategic insight into our brands growth by using logistics provided through various platforms, while also being our Director of Marketing and Sales. Needless to say, if you ever have an issue then this is definitely the guy that you want to have on your side!




Authentic Urban Apparel

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Handcrafted in Kansas City