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For this next release, our vision was to embroider a simple silhouette of an arrowhead onto a quality corduroy bucket hat. However once completed, the look just wasn’t what we had in mind… So I went back to the tool box to see what I could come up with and:


The first tool in the arsenal - The Seam Ripper! I’m a big fan the corduroy bucket hat but I just wasn’t feelin’ the look of a simple arrowhead chillin just on the front of it. So the first job was to seam rip the arrowhead to hopefully give the design some life. GREAT 1ST IDEA! (as the distressed look added a nice texture) butttt that still wasn’t enough…

The second tool in the arsenal - Da Paint Brush! I wasn’t sure what the objective was originally, but I figured that the paint splatter would be a nice touch to bring together the already distressed look of the arrowhead on the corduroy hat.


Only a handful were created so be sure to snag yours before they’re gone!

Handcrafted by: Brand One LLC

Arrowhead Corduroy Bucket Hat

  • This classic bucket hat is created with quality corduroy material.

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