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The KC Trucker Hat from Brand One is inspired by some of our earliest sketches. "When we first started the brand, Ethan and I would go back and forth on ideas until we felt like a design was complete. Back then the ideas were much more simplistic but the beautiful thing is, simple doesn't necessarily mean unappealing".


Since those days we have been lucky enough to add Jonathan onto our team. With the aquisition of Jwil, the teams creative juices have exploded! This product is a prime example of that as the hat was designed by Ethan, produced by Brandon & rocked by Jwil.


Learn more about the team on the, "Meet Our Team" tab located at the bottom of the page!

The KC Trucker - Hat

SKU: 00101
  • These five-panel trucker hats are created from 50% Recycled Polyester & 50% Cotton.

  • Our products are created right here in Kansas City!

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