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As Brand One continues to grow it's important that we keep the same mindset of integrity over sweatshop manufactured products.
As many people already know, sweatshop manufactured products are much more affordable than manufacturers that follow labor laws.
However, that's not the only cost...

"As a fashion brand owner, being ethically aware of the products I am purchasing is extremely important to me. I understand that my uneducated purchases for cheaper garments can be at the hands of an employee with poor working & living conditions, which is what many garment factory workers endure today. Therefore, Brand One is proud to announce that we ONLY purchase from manufacturers that pass labor laws and maintain safe & equal workplace environments". Not only is being ethically aware of the garment industry important for the people, but also for our planet, as the textile industry is the second leading cause of pollution in the world (only behind the oil industry).

That being said, "we are extremely aware of the carbon footprint we are creating at Brand One and are proud to be a 100% compostable brand! As we strive to completely eliminate our carbon footprint, we are happy to know that right now we are consciously doing our part to create, produce and sell ethical and eco-friendly products".

Learn more about our plan to eliminate our carbon footprint in the, "We Are Eco-Friendly!" tab of our website.


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